Additional Products

Ultrasonic generators and transducers

  • Digital generation and frequency control of ultrasonic vibrations
  • possibility of spatial separation of the generator and a programming unit
  • Interface for monitoring and control functions of process
  • high rate efficiency – low heat emissions
  • standard, innovative safety features
  • Standard frequencies: 25, 30, 40 and 80 to 150 kHz, additional frequencies on request


A determinant of the highest practical efficiency by matching the individual requirements of each application. We provide professional advice.

Digital technology for high precision, combined with the possibility of adjusting to individual working conditions

Thanks to the digital generation and frequency control of ultrasonic vibrations, ensures high stability of the power, amplitude and frequency unprecedented in conventional machines. Recent structural solutions in conjunction with auto-tuning to the resonance frequency of the transducer, make SONIC DIGITAL generator family sets new standards of quality regardless of the type of application: surface cleaning, industrial cleaning interop, welding or special cases. Various equipment options allow for the implementation of solutions tailored to your particular job and economically optimal.

maximum functionality, highest Convenience

Premium is the favorite when it comes to demanding work conditions. Using the multi-controller located on the front control panel are easy, safe and accurate way to set the operating parameters, such as power, temperature and time, and display them on a graphical LCD multifunction display. Using text messages, forward the information on operating parameters. SONIC DIGITAL Premium Generators come with a LED display of power and status.

Extremely economical with unchangeable conditions

SONIC DIGITAL Basic Generators are designed to provide high quality ultrasound consistent throughout the period of use. They can be controlled from the master PLC. The options we provide maintenance unit or a separate Service Unit obsługowy front of the multifunction display and two menu options. In the main menu functions can be set ON/OFF, power and timer. Password protected menu item „Start” allows an easy change of setting parameters without additional measuring devices, and also quick to carry out maintenance.

The all-new, ergonomic operating concept device

generators are equipped with an interface obsługowy and the opportunity to spatial separation of the power unit and the unit. The generator can be set so that optimized for the site, and the programming unit mounted in an ergonomic way to control your desktop or as a provider. For use with separately set module obsługowym distance can be up to 50 meters. To operate from a PC is available as an option RS485 interface.

SONIC DIGITAL system safety and reliability of the standard package

SONIC DIGITAL generator equipped with a variety of innovative safety features to ensure maximum safety of operation. These include intelligent cooling system * constantly monitoring the temperature of the cooling element – if the temperature rises above a defined value, the sensors activate the integrated fan. Reduces the cooling function, if necessary, air flow and thus contamination of the generator. At the same time ensured a constant temperature, which increases the service life of components and the whole system. The standard also includes short circuit protection, overload and idle.  (* Depending on the model in the case of generators OF SONIC DIGITAL ULC complement the housing unit / cooling is the responsibility of investor)

Ustawne soft start welding used in making commissioning attached ultrasonic system is in a mild way. 100% protection against dry-running – where a series of ultrasonic transducers SONOPUSH ® SONIC DIGITAL generator is able to recognize the danger of running dry and automatically reduce the power.