Design and manufacture industrial washing systems

We realize our projects on the basis of previous discussions and arrangements with customers, adjusting them to individual needs and expectations.

Our office has existed since the beginning of our activities related to production of the equipment for industrial cleaning. In here were developed all of our manufactured washers.

Our biggest achievement are produced by our company modern and highly sophisticated industrial vacuum washing stands using organic hydrocarbon solvents.

Thanks to the experience of our engineers we are able not only to adapt our machine to the customer’s needs, but also fully realize unconventional projects. Our office is equipped with the latest engineering software to assist the process of designing and creating documentation to it. The possibility of designing it the three-dimensional space, we can verify the project before the implementation machinery for the production through the analysis of kinematic and strength and alignment of machinery in terms of ergonomic handle.

This allows us to significantly reduce the path from idea to finished machine. Additional possibility is to present a realistic-looking visualization of the machine in the form of a single image or animation already at the stage of designing, which allows to show the machines to the client in the form of a virtual presentation.

An important element of our work is business development and continuous improvement of our machines, so that we can boast a number of innovations and patents.