Front loading washing stands


Cleaning machine


  • thorough washing details / parts vibrating nozzle system provides a wide spray from all directions;
  • construction made of stainless steel;
  • running truss;
  • stainless steel on rollers to facilitate loading of the charge;
  • pneumatic working chamber lid opener;
  • connection to the vapor recovery;
  • energy-efficient thermal and acoustic insulation;
  • infinitely variable temperature control system controls the level of the cleaning fluid.

Cleaning machine works under vacuum. All possible ways of parts washing (immersion, spraying, ultrasound) are held in a vacuum. This increases the security of the entire process and prevent accidental opening of the working chamber and improves the quality of the cleaning bath by continuous degassing (especially important when ultrasound).

The standard system of VACUUM-3000 3000 has been equipped with the full stream filtration system of the washing and rinsing liquid.

A very efficient system allows for effective drying in a very short time, regardless of the harsh drying conditions (a large number of small parts in compacted form, parts with blind holes, etc.) with a 10 –time lower energy consumption in comparison to conventional drying with a blow of hot air. It should be noted that 70% of the capacity of installed power in the blower chamber is just used for drying air heating.

Technical data

SC-803 SC-1003 SC-1203 SC-1503
Max. load capacity (kg) 100 150 300 500
Max. washing height (mm) 800×600 1000×650 1200×700 1500×900
Fluid volume (l) 400 450 500 600
Max. bath temp. (oC) < 80
Installed power (kW) 18 20 22 30
Weight dimension (mm) 2400x2000x1700 2700x2000x1700 2700x2000x1700 2700x3700x2700

* project and realization according to individual agreements with a client