Industrial Parts Washers



The installation was designed as a type of spraying washin machine, with front loading, for washing large-size and heavy (ton, tons) details.

It may be used in the process of details production, e.g. made of stainless steel with many blind or open holes. It may also be applied when, repairing large-size chassis of carriage, mechanical coal miners, heavy-duty military and building industry equipment.

The subassemblies applied in the machine are produced by renowned European firms.


  • loading and unloading system equipped with loading platform, type „SKID” with mobile, electrical-driven rolls in a railway subgrade (loading construction without wheels);
  • spraying chamber made of stainless steel;
  • spraying washing tank;
  • rinsing washing tank;
  • dosing system applied in order to fill washing concentrate automatically, preventing from overflowing;
  • vapour condensation system;
  • self-diagnostic program and service;
  • the installation is equipped with first-class fittings – standard valves pneumatic servo-motors controlled by means of voltage 24V;
  • the device is equipped with SIEMENS’s Simatic controller inside electrical cabinet with a fan, and with a control panel that enables to program parameters of technological process. The programmer is able to: control the level and the temperature of washing liquid and rinsing water with signalization, switch off emergency system, count working hours and steer the heaters and oil separator (weekly timer).