Mission and Philosophy


Determiners of our strong market position:

  • Nearly 25 years experience, during which we have gained loyal customer and renowned collaborators
  • Unique know-how technology developed by the engineering department CASTOR Economic Union Sp. z oo, which distinguishes us from other companies who are only distributors. With our patent products customers have access to solutions that cannot be offered by any other companies.
  • Modern, constantly modernized machines, which in combination with highly qualified staff provides precise tasks’ realization and projects.
  • Every customer is treated individually, and each order is for us not only an opportunity to establish valuable business contacts, but also the guarantee of our dynamic growth.
  • Wide assortment of cleaning equipment and industrial chemistry, but also enable our clients to improve the quality of their products.
  • Complete service – innovative designs, perfect realization, professional warranty service, and others.


As a company certified to ISO 9001:2009 BS we are committed to continuous development and improvement of quality – looking for new technologies, we have a new patent claims.

Our professionalism makes us open to any challenge, and each order is treated individually.

The constant development of the company provides still broadening wide range of services and products, ensures customers’ satisfaction also caused also by increased levels of surface cleanliness of washed parts.

We are competitive because of extremely efficient service division, which is characterized by: quick and professional actions, easy access to spare parts and consumables, and the possibility of consulting via Tele-service.

Environmental Protection
Modernity and innovation of our products clearly distinguishes us from other ecological orientation. test

We try constantly to adjust to increasingly tightening environmental standards by providing our customers with an alternative to existing, harmful methods of cleaning in TRI, PER, tetrachloride and other carcinogenic substances.

According to the guidelines of the European Union we also offer to our customers revolutionary technological solutions of vacuum distillation in the purification and recycling of contaminated solvents (hydrocarbons, IPA, PER), and the recovery of process water.

The uniqueness of our products consists also in meeting the highest standards of safety and occupational hygiene, which are linked to their energy efficiency, hermetic construction, a high degree of automation, reliability, and constant supervision of the service. We care about the safety of both our employees and our customers.

Honesty and loyalty
Honesty and loyalty to our customers are our guarantee of company’s reputation.

We are looking for clients who share our vision of clean production, which goes hand in hand with … a clear conscience. Anyone interested in establishing an effective, stable business relationships is more than welcome to contact our Sales and Marketing Department.