Pro-ecological, vacuum destiller for waste solvents

The factories are increasingly the question of ecological and efficient means of disposal of waste water produced in a variety of machining processes.

Modern technology allows evaporation in a vacuum as well as ecological and economic impact on the separation of complex mixtures of chemical technology popularly known as industrial waste.

The rising cost of wastewater treatment in biological wastewater treatment require more and newer technologies. Our company meet customer expectations has developed several solutions to effectively address this issue. Most effective and most energy-efficient systems are systems in vacuum distillation. Vacuum is used to lower the boiling point of liquid distilled at 25 mbar in the case of high-boiling solvents increases safety, reduces the time and encapsulates the process.

Siemens makes use of the drivers that the distillation takes place under strict control, does not require expensive monitoring and chemical analysis in the laboratory.

In our offer you can also find equipment for solvent distillation at atmospheric pressure (evaporator).

DEST – CAST R – manual, swivel system to remove podestylatu
DEST – CAST AT – semi-automatic and automatic removal system podestylatu

Whole installation works under vacuum. All possible ways of washing (immersion, spraying, ultrasound) are held in a vacuum. This increases the security of the entire process and prevent accidental opening of the working chamber and improves the quality of the cleaning bath by continuous degassing (especially important when ultrasound).

The standard system of VACUUM-3000 3000 has been equipped with the full stream filtration system of the washing and rinsing liquid.

A very efficient system allows for effective drying in a very short time, regardless of the harsh drying conditions (a large number of small elements in compacted form, parts with blind holes, etc.) with a 10 –time lower energy consumption in comparison to conventional drying with a blow of hot air. It should be noted that 70% of the capacity of installed power in the blower chamber is just used for drying air heating.

Technical data

Specifications DP-50 DP-120 DP-160 DP-200
Distillation capacity (l/h) 20-40 70-120 140-160 180-200
Max. vacuum (mbar) 25
Cooling water pressure (bar) 2-5
Power installed (kW) 7,5 8,9 13,2 18,1
Powerv supply (V) 3 x 380
Compressed air (bar) 5-8
Weight* (kg) 190 230 320 360
Dimension* (mm) 1200x700x1200 1400x1000x1520 1600x1150x1750 1650x1200x1800

* applied to standing model