Tunnel-cycle washing machines

The device is compatible with zones: preliminary washing, washing, rinsing with tap water, rinsing with DEMI water, anticorrosive preservation, phosphatising, drying with compressed air or hot air. (The washing lines may be expanded on the other zones depending on client needs)

The industrial washing machines (3001 series) have been designed for automatic work, with a complete monitoring of washing parameters such as: cycle, temperature in particular zones and liquids concentrations. Recycling of washing medium is especially recommended for continuous work with high cleaning quality demand washing.

Standards washing machines are equipped with continuous filtration of washing liquid in vacuum distillation AQUADEST.

The parts placed in baskets or stands are intensively sprayed inside of each zone.


  1. WASHING QUALITY: The one of the most important advantages of these washers is the possibility to locate the spraying nozzles very precisely. Due to this fact the washing of parts with even the most complicated geometry runs incomparably most effectively in comparison to standard solutions. The washing quality may be additionally upgraded through full stream filtration. Due to this fact it is possible to meet cleanness demands of 1 mg/dm2!
  2. COMPACT CONSTRUCTION: Due to the application of the innovative method of separate spraying chambers of washing/rinsing/etc., the application of empty inter zones spaces, which exist in every tunnel washing machine, have been eliminated. These empty inter zones spaces are used to eliminate undesirable phenomenon as overflowing from one chamber into another is. The length of empty inter zones spaces depends on the size of washed parts, quantity and the quantity of washing /rinsing/etc. steps. As the result the washing machines may be lengthen to even some meters.
  3. CHAMBERS’ LEAKTIGHTNESS: Specially tight and simultaneously straight construction ensures constant washing bath parameters through long time period.
  4. SIMPLICITY OF MAINTENANCE: The devices of this type do not have complicated transportation mechanisms but only a sliding chain which eliminates the necessity of periodical elements lubrication, care about appropriate tension of a chain and the controlling of the extension of the links scale. Therefore, the only necessary operator’s activity is the monitoring of filters dirt degree.
  5. ENERGY SAVING: We all know how important the appropriate energy management is. Therefore, suitably selected sensors of particular zones makes that regardless of the quantity of baskets and parts placed inside the machine in given cycle, the programmer decides about which spraying collectors should be activated. Due to this fact the energy is used only there where it is really necessary.


Technical data

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