Vacuum evaporators for waste water


Innovative vacuum distiller worked out by Castor enables to recover process wasterwater.
Applied technology is characterized by 20 times lower energy consumption that conventional atmospheric distillation.

Vacuum distillation AQUADEST-CAST 3000 is the most ecological and economical solution to process wastewater.

Description of distillation process in AQUADEST-CAST 3000

Waste water for distillation goes firstly to heaters through heat exchanger where is preliminary heated-up. Waste water fills the heater, boiler and condenser. Roots vacuum pump sucks the water vapour which is over the liquid level in a boiler. Next, the pump compresses the water and heats it up simultaneously. Hot water vapour is directed to condenser where it is condensed and heats the bath in a boiler simultaneously. Clean water is directed to a tank for distillate.